Get your hands off debilitating radiation contamination

Supplier: Ansell Healthcare
08 October, 2012

Radiation sickness, skin burns, cataracts, hair loss, cancer and even death.

Yes, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Where you are, in fact, is your workplace – and these are the risks healthcare professional s (HCPs) face from over-exposure to ionising radiation.

Even low doses can damage your DNA and lead to cancer or genetic mutations.

Yes, it’s frightening stuff. And obviously something not to be mucked around with.

Surgical safety gloves expert Ansell goes hand in glove with your hospital and clinic requirements when it comes to hand protection from ionising radiation during fluoroscopy procedures.

Ansell’s Radiation Attenuation Gloves reduce hand exposure to ionising radiation by up to 58 per cent.

Radiation Attenuation Gloves protection features:


  • Excellent reduction of radiation intensity during fluoroscopic procedures.
  • Powder-free to minimise contamination and reduce reactions in patients and staff.
  • Both front and back-of-hand protection, unlike some other radiation gloves.
  • Reduces hand fatigue through better dexterity, sensitivity, comfort and optimised grip.

So for the right accentuation on radiation attenuation – that’s reduction in layman’s terms – reach for Ansell’s Radiation Attenuation Gloves.