Health apps a huge hit: survey

15 January, 2015

Australians are embracing health apps for smart devices, with a new survey by health insurer HBF of more than 1600 adults finding a third of respondents had downloaded one.

The results showed a majority used apps to count the calories they were consuming and to track their exercise regimes.

HBF spokesman Max Tamatoa said while the use of calorie count apps was a step in the right direction, he asserted apps about balanced eating were the better alternative.

"For sustained success, I'd recommend apps that provide simple yet helpful information," he said.

"Instead of counting calories to the gram, an app that guides you to eat a balanced combination of food groups would be more effective long-term."

Sharing results on social media

He said it was becoming common for people to post their exercise results on social media, along with comparing results with others using apps.

"The best apps are ones that allow you to publish your activities, like the duration of your training, in an online community of other people using that app," Tamatoa said.

The most popular apps currently being used were My Fitness Pal, Run Keeper and Fitbit