Health care management via wireless technology

Supplier: A&D Medical
29 April, 2020

A&D Medical is entering new era of health care management via wireless technology and will be exhibiting the latest development of our WellnessConnected product all around the world in 2016.

Now, all your important health info is in one place. WellnessConnected gives you a complete view of your health, so you can set goals and see your improvement, over time. The WellnessConnected system makes it possible. Lose weight, get in shape, monitor your blood pressure — all with one secure system from a trusted worldwide leader in connected health.

Monitor Blood Pressure
Manage your hypertension with instant indication, trending, and the ability to share with your physician or family member.

Lose Weight
Track your calories burned, set goals and see your progress instantly with a daily weight history.

Share and Report
Share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—through your own WellnessConnected account or a shared one for the family. Email your dashboard, graphs or raw data to keep medical professionals informed about how you’re doing between office visits.