Holter LX Analysis Software keeps track of patient status 24/7

Supplier: Machinery Forum Medical Systems
18 July, 2008

The Holter LX version 5.4 comes in 5 levels of functionality, the basic version offers an on-screen review of patients for an entire 24 hours.

It provides color-coding of abnormalities for easy documenation, and it has the ability to print both 7.5-second and full disclosures of any, or all channels.

In addition, the Holter LX Enhanced & Enhanced Plus also include NorthEast's renowned arrhythmia-detection algorhythm that made the company's previous generation of software the Holter program of choice at the best clinical hospitals nationwide.

These editions also feature powerfull beat-editing tools, as well as pacemaker and ST segment analysis, 12-lead presentation and superimposition.

The Holter LX Pro offers all Enhanced Plus capabilities, along with additional editing tools and other features that are standard at research institutions, including spectral analysis and more detailed 12-lead presentations.

Finally, all Holter LX editions work in conjunction with NorthEast's DR180+, a three-channel digital Holter recorder that stores up to 14 days of Holter signal on a removable flash card. Oximetry and 12-lead options are also available.