How to reduce stress when elderly are ageing at home

01 Feb 2020

More and more elderly are choosing to stay at home and that is when we can feel anxious and worry that something terrible may happen because we busy right?

The world is changing, and we have to change with it, we are getting older and want to stay at home, which means, more are living alone.

Modern smartphones can be complicated for some seniors and what if something happens and they have a fall? The chances are that they're nowhere near a phone, even if they had a smartphone with them, it becomes complicated by having to unlock and rummaging around clicking buttons while injured and in pain just to hopefully wish that someone answers, right?

That is why the SOS emergency alert is potentially life saving and at a press of a button, help is on the way.

The SOS button is large and when it is pressed the mini pico finder starts its magic.

Pico finder will first send the contacts an SMS with google maps location and then follow with a call a few seconds later and help can be on its way, even if you cannot be there yourself.

It's light, hand-free & two-way-talk with the speaker being loud so communication is clear and easy anywhere there is a mobile signal.

It's simple design also allows you to ping the device so that you can track your loved ones out and about so that you know that they are safe.

How many times have we heard of someone going for walk-a-about and get lost?

With the mini pico finder near them, they can be tracked and found within minutes.

Don't waste time, show someone that you care today.

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