Important considerations when buying a Full Overlap Style Apron

12 Apr 2021

Lead equivalency, the fit of the apron and manuracturers techniques are all key points... let's explore them in detail!

Different manufacturers of protective aprons use different techniques for constructing their aprons. The diagram displayed is a line drawing showing a basic vest and skirt apron for demonstration purposes.

Of particular concern is the lead equivalency in each of the overlapping front panels as well as the actual fit of the apron. Overlapping aprons with .25mm LE in each panel must FULLY overlap from side seam to side seam to provide the same protection as a partial overlap apron with .5mm LE in each panel.

Ill fitting aprons or aprons that are too small for the person wearing it and do not fully overlap are not offering the full protection level intended or represented.

Always insist on properly fitted aprons and always verify the lead equivalency in each panel. "Lightweight" aprons, that is, aprons that seem or feel considerably lighter than others may be compromising your protection.

We recommend consulting with your Radiation Safety Officer or other qualified person to determine the type of apron and level of protection necessary to keep you protected in your work environment.