Infusing Creativity Into The Development

04 Aug 2021

Fourier Intelligence is a technology-driven company, infusing creativity into the development of exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics since 2015. Together with researchers, therapists and patients,

A range of top quality devices, when combined into one space, forms the Rehab Hub.


RehabHub™ is equipped with all the device from the Motus™ series, which provides a comprehensive rehabilitation solution from the upper limb to the lower limb, as well as the balance and coordination. These devices not only cover the diverse training needs of patients from different stages but also make the rehabilitation training quantifiable, fun, and motivating.


RehabHub™ creates a unified user account with all the patient information to ease the therapists in developing the corresponding rehabilitation process and training program. At the same time, it meets medical data security rules and other related policy standards.


Through intelligent rehabilitation robotics and the medical information system, the RehabHub™ enables the interconnectivity of equipment, users and institutions. By creating a three-level rehabilitation service network, it helps to improve the quality and efficiency of medical service as well as promoting the revolution of the rehabilitation industry with innovative technology. Eventually, rehabilitation services and intelligent rehabilitation equipment can be standardised.