Integrating organisational development into your medical facility

By: Yolanda Smith, MedicalSearch Writer
24 August, 2015

Organisational development is a strategy designed to foster change in your medical facility, with the direct involvement of all team members.

It combines the knowledge, strategy and practices of your current organisation to highlight where improvements need to be made and uses this information to motivate everyone involved.

When each piece of the overall machine understands the purpose of their role, and how they can develop to improve their input, each aspect can continually make changes and help to propel the company forward towards communal goals.

This approach relies on clear communication within the practice to engage each person and encourage him or her to take more responsibility and move towards achieving aims.

How can you integrate organisation development in your medical facility?

Establish your identity

The first step is to clarify your current identity as an organisation and how you would like that to evolve in the future.

All organisations can benefit from recognising who they are as a collective group, whether they are an international multidisciplinary practice or a small family clinic. Some ideas you might like to think about include:

  • What is your mission?
  • What are your values?
  • Do you have a strategy?
  • How are your organisation and leadership structured?
  • Do you foster the development each individual?
  • How do you ensure patient satisfaction?
  • What is your vision for the future?

Each of these questions can help you to determine how you stand as an organisation now and how that can be improved in the future.

Implement strategies of growth

Next, it is important to think about how you can put strategies of change into practice.

Focus on the involvement of all team members in collaborative decision-making and offer opportunities for each individual to develop. When each person involved is clear about the collective direction and how their role contributes to that, individual motivation soars to reach the communal goal.

This change requires a distinct openness within the organisation. Relevant information and objectives should be shared with your team members, to engage them to deliver a higher quality health service.

Reap the rewards

When implemented correctly, organizational development has the potential to transform your practice to meet your goals. With the involvement of many minds and a collective desire to create change for greater good, improvements are expected.

Organisational development creates a systematic approach and incorporates all team members in the process to improve the structure and overall care of your practice.

The most beneficial aspect of this approach is the dynamic environment it creates. Every staff member is directly connected to the group goals and is motivated to contribute, as they understand the benefits and results.