Integrity Health & Safety’s social impact policy in action

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12 July, 2021

The 2020 ‘Close the Gap’ report demonstrates that when Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are involved in the design and delivery of the services they need, sustainable success is more likely

This is especially true in healthcare. Integrity Health & Safety supports the ongoing professional development of Aboriginal & Torres Islander nurses via its support of their umbrella body, the Congress of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives, by funding scholarships in First Aid, CPR, Flu Vaccination and Leadership courses to assist build healthcare capability in their communities and farther afield.

These are some of their stories…

Elise Thornthwaite
I am a strong Kamilaroi woman from northern NSW/southern Queensland in my final year studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the Australian Catholic University Canberra. I have chosen to advance my clinical education next year by studying a Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health at the University of Sydney, because I truly believe I can make a difference in the health of our mob. Indigenous Australians are over-represented in morbidity and mortality rates at an alarming level. This current health gap is unacceptable when acknowledging the health of our First Nations People I greatly appreciate the financial aid from the ‘Integrity Health & Safety Scholarship’ for advancing my
clinical education. In the future I hope to assist in reclaiming the health status of Indigenous Australians as we owe it to our Elders to create healthier future generations.


Erin Finlayson
I practice at Scone Hospital which is a small, 48 bed hospital where I work in the Ward, Theatre and Emergency. My Grandmother is a Wiradjuri woman from Trangie, central NSW, and our Aboriginal heritage has always been something that my family has been very proud of. While I have experienced racism all my life, it is my goal in life to improve people’s knowledge of our Aboriginal heritage and to help my people wherever I can, including being available to vaccinate children. I hope that this Immunisation Course Scholarship from Integrity Health & Safety will enable me to achieve this and ensure my daughter grows up in a world of understanding people who don’t judge others for their skin colour.

Unjalung Kennedy
I am of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, of the Yuru and Gia tribes of North East Queensland and Meriam tribes from the Murray Islands. I am studying a Bachelor of Nursing Degree at Southern Cross University in Lismore NSW. I have always wanted to become a nurse and to be a better advocate for my people (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander), to improve our health for a longer, healthier lifespan for now and the future. Once I am a nurse, I would love to travel across rural and remote communities in Australia and provide as much healthcare and advice to all the mob out there - and address the unfinished business of reconciliation and closing the gap. This scholarship from Integrity Health & Safety will significantly help me achieve these objectives.


Alyshia Bevan
I am an Indigenous woman from the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. This scholarship would mean the world to me as it will ease financial stress. Completing my Bachelor of Nursing degree is surreal to say the least but fills me with such pride. Attending University was a dream, which I thought was out of my reach. I had self-doubt, lacked confidence, and feared failure. I eventually mustered the strength and courage to apply to Southern Cross University in 2019. Fast forward to today, I am in my final semester and weeks away from graduating. To say I am a proud  woman would be an understatement. Giving back to my community is at the forefront of my mind. I want to help support, educate, and heal people who are suffering from Mental Illness and lend strength in their darkest times. The Integrity Health & Safety scholarship is playing a vital role in making my dreams come true.


Carli Norman
As a 6th year registered nurse, being a proud indigenous woman working at St Vincent’s, Sydney, has been important because there are times where I meet fellow indigenous people who access medical care. Now, I’m looking to grow as a leader within my department as I still have a lot to learn. I have recently completed the first year of my masters in Emergency care at Latrobe, however this year I wanted to work on my leadership skills. This Integrity Health & Safety scholarship will assist me with my course fees I have incurred. As a rising leader, this course has already helped me become confident with effectively
communicating with patients and fellow employees.


Sophie Walker
I am a 22-year-old Wongaibon woman from Narromine NSW. I attended UNE in Armidale for 3 years to obtain my Bachelor of Nursing, where I later received a Full-Time New Graduate position. I am just over half-way through my New Graduate RN position with a 6-month rotation in a Mental Health Inpatient Unit. I am currently pursuing a Post Graduate degree in Mental Health Practice as mental health is ‘close to the heart’– both personally and professionally. Living in a rural town, mental health is prevalent everywhere, but due to resource availability, stigma and opportunity, it is not recognised significantly. In completing this course, I hope to strive for a better knowledge and skills base regarding Mental Health education, health literacy, promotion and prevention strategies, and professional development; to integrate into my community’s Mental Health awareness. The Integrity Health & Safety Scholarship will assist me to complete this course and be one step closer to my goals.


About Us
Integrity Health & Safety, a Supply Nation certified Indigenous-owned supplier of WH&S products and services, was founded by Liam Harte and Brad Goodwin, two Indigenous intensive-care paramedics who both served in the ADF here and overseas, and who are board members of Local Health Districts in NSW. They are passionate about health and wellbeing and count as their customers Australia’s leading public and private sector organisations – see our capability statement for more information or contact us at 1300 720 024 or [email protected]

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