Is a customised storage solution right for you?

01 Jun 2021

Like any major purchase, you have to ask yourself, is a customised storage solution really the way to go for your hospital? Let's look at the 5 reasons why it is.....

Sure, you can go and purchase some aluminium shelving from your local hardware store or even online and "make it work!" But what our hospitals are telling us, and telling us LOUDLY is they need more storage, but they do not have the space for it.

This is such a common problem and one I am sure you can all relate too.  

We have been in many hospitals across the country and without fail, the ingenious places where equipment and supplies can be found never ceases to astound. Whilst it may work to a degree, the lack of efficiencies as a result leaves begs the question, is it time to move to a customisable solution that meets ALL your needs?

In no-particular order, here are the top 5 reasons why it is something you should consider.

  1. Flexibility – Make it work for your needs as no two hospitals are the same
  2. Adaptability – From sterile storage to general storage, nothing is too much trouble
  3. Expandability – It grows as you grow. Need additional bays to cater for your growing demands? No problem
  4. Accessibility – Everything in its place and at your fingertips. No more running from room to room to find your stock
  5. Customisability - Reduce your storage footprint whilst increasing your storage compacity, a customised solution means its purpose built for you and your needs

And of course, we cannot overlook the cost savings that are attached from improved efficiencies. Reducing unnecessary costs from your bottom line, allows you to prioritise spending in areas that need it and can really make a difference.

What makes our solution the best available in the marketplace today?

The H+H Flexshelf system delivers ultimate storage flexibility for use in hospitals and healthcare applicaitons. Make from Aircraft grade aluminium, the system is both strong and long lasting, being perfect for medical environments as it will NEVER chip or rust.

But it's more than just the shelves themselves, if you are considering a customised solution, get in touch with us today. Our expert team can provide you with the guidance you need, and our complimentary advice and design service means you have the peace of mind knowing we are working with you to create a solution that fits your workflow.




Never seen the H+H bays before? We have demo bays available for you to try before you buy, get in touch today to discuss your options. You can find more information about the entire H+H FlexShelf range here: