Is Infection Control in your hands?

31 Aug 2021

“Healthcare associated infections are one of the most common, significant, and preventable patient safety issues today”- Australian Commission on safety and quality in healthcare.

Maintaining the highest hygiene standards is a crucial part of the healthcare system and keeping tabs on this is just one of the many tasks a healthcare professional can have on their plate at any given time. Cleanliness, however, is non-negotiable, not only because of its impact on patient health, but also on how a facility is perceived.

Dust in particular presents a major challenge when it comes to keeping a facility clean. Dust is something that’s always present, so it’s crucial that health professionals have access to products and techniques that support the control of bacteria that patients could be exposed to. Selcare wire systems have been designed to enable dust to fall straight through, reducing the build-up and cleaning time required. With easy-to-handle parts to assemble the units, this simple system ensures complete flexibility and effectively utilises any space.

  • Simply, place the shelving stands together securing the joins.
  • Follow the numbered positioning and place the clips at the desired height
  • Finish by sliding the shelving onto the stands.

We know that it’s the little things that matter when it comes to looking after your patients, and you need to have access to the right products that can help make a difference-

Try our proven system built your way!