Is there an effective way to reverse sun damage?

Supplier: Equipmed
24 June, 2016

The revolutionary answer to the skins of our 'sunburnt country'.

Dorothy Mackellar once wrote of Australia, "I love a sunburnt country", but with Australia's famous sun damage reputation consistently front of mind, this previously romantic image of deserts, beaches and sweeping plains has turned far more sinister.

Summer is on the horizon, bringing it with it long days languishing at Australia's many iconic beaches, increasingly shorter skirts and, for many clients, the inevitable effects of sun damage (those long days spent at the beach in short skirts might be a contributing factor).

Is your salon up to date with the new-age answers to sun damage?

Skin Needling can be an effective, painless approach to treating a very serious concern – a necessary next step for you and your clients to take.

So, how does it work?

Skin needling, is centred on the skin's ability to heal itself, discarding old damaged tissue and replacing it with healthy collagen. Our skin decreases its collagen production as we age, and studies prove that repeated unprotected ultraviolet exposure breaks down collagen. Therefore, most of your clients will experience the combined detrimental effects of sun and age.

The answer to sun damage, then, lies in boosting your clients' collagen levels, one of the many benefits of skin needling. Treatments such as the Dermapen3 utilise a safe, precise, fast (think, 1296 holes a second) and effective method to stimulate collagen. The Dermapen's (AVON) Advanced vertical oscillating needling delivery system, glides over the skin to create tiny sub-cutaneous channels, which the body perceives as mini wounding. The body then releases those all-important healing qualities and is stimulated to trigger the production of collagen and elastin.

Why is this so important for your salon?

Your clients need a sun damage fix for reasons that extend from aesthetic to medical, with sun damage not only causing premature ageing and other cosmetic problems, but severe health issues as well. Many Australians, in particular, are beyond being helped by creams, but are reluctant to explore the surgical route – skin needling could be the effective, non-surgical solution they've been searching for.

What are some other benefits?

Employing this same strategy of self-healing and collagen boosting, Dermapen also targets acne scars, wounds, wrinkles, pigmentation and problematic skin. A Dermapen treatment is painless, can reach difficult areas, and using a vertical delivery system, provides fractional rejuvenation for improved inner healing of the dermis. There is no risk of cross infection due to the device's sterile single use needles.

Until us Aussies learn to pack an extra umbrella at the beach, and wear effective sun protection, sun damage will continue to be the official Australian issue – and a lucrative enterprise for your salon. Stay up to date with the latest sun damage reversal technologies, for both your salon's and your clients' sakes.

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