Is your washer, disinfection and decontamination equipment compliant?

Supplier: Sanitech Australia
19 August, 2016

To ensure absolute infection control, Australian hospitals and surgeries are required to only install decontamination equipment that is built to and compliant with the required Australian standards.

Clean rooms using non-compliant equipment face the risk of being shut down until compliant equipment is re-fitted. Make sure you fit fully compliant equipment the first time.

Compliance to required Australian Standards for Hospital infection control has become a more acute topic over the last few years with reports of a number of hospitals being ordered to refit equipment, (some brand new) as a result of Standards non-compliance.

These reports cite in most cases non-compliant equipment being specified where there is insufficient knowledge or attention given to meeting operating standards and/or budget pressure to cut corners.

Our commitment to providing complete infection control solutions that are fully compliant and built to Australian Standards extends to appropriate clearance, full length panels and frames, cycle management, multiple programs and temperature control.

Sanitech products ensure your infection control rooms run at peak performance and never leave you under threat of failed inspections and/or orders to replace equipment non-compliant equipment.

Sanitech products ensure compliance to all requirements of the following Australian standards:

ISO 15883

AS 2437 Flusher/Sanitizers for Bed Pans & Urine Bottle

AS 2744 Drying Cabinets for Respiratory Apparatus

AS 2945
Batch-Type Washer disinfectors

AS 2514 Medical Equipment

AS 3200.1 Medical Electrical Equipment

AS\NZS 4187-2014 Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in Health Service Organisations. 

AS4187 section 1.3 includes ISO 15883

Part 2:  Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for surgical instruments, anaesthetic equipment, bowls dishes receivers, utensils, glassware, etc.

Part 3:  Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for human waste containers.

MP 52 Local exceptions to authorization.

Authorization not granted. Mache Bed Pan and urine container item disposal units South Australian Water Corporation, Water Corporation of Western Australia and Sydney Water Corporation, Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability.