02 Jun 2020

“I have more energy at work and can do more at home after work because of the support and assistance the VELA chair provides.“

User: Alison
Age: 40
Occupation: Community Matron/Team Leader for Incontinence Services, St Mary’s Hospital
MS Diagnosis: Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 

Alison has Secondary Primary MS and suffers from sciatica pain, leg spasms and tiredness made worse by her standard office chair and transferring between her chair and scooter. Alison works in a very busy hospital environment and relies on her scooter for mobility throughout the day.

Mobility was a daily challenge for Alison. It took a lot of effort and a long time for her to maneuver herself from her office chair to her scooter and vice versa. She regularly missed meetings because she did not want to ask for assistance to get into her scooter so she could drive to the meetings. 

In the mornings, Alison’s husband would help her get to work where he would then assist Alison to transfer to a standard office chair. Because a standard chair moves on five wheels and rotates using a gas cylinder mechanism, it would take 10 to 15 minutes to help Alison and never felt safe. Alison would rely on her husband every morning, but this is no longer the case thanks to a VELA office chair. Alison is delighted with her new chair and the independence and comfort it gives her:  

“I can swivel the chair myself with the rotation feature and then raise myself to a standing position with little to no help. I can now go to all the meetings, which is great.”

“The brake makes me feel very safe and is easy to use. I like the arms, which I can use for stability getting in and out.”

“The electric height adjustment is so easy and allows me to transfer with little to no assistance.”

Alison explains that because the chair has been measured for her, the seat pan and backrest are much more supportive than any other chair. Since having a VELA chair, she has not experienced any more sciatica pain. Having a made-to-measure, supportive chair has had such a beneficial effect on Alison’s posture.

Alison says about the VELA chair:

“The infinite flexibility and electric height adjustment means I can position myself correctly at my desk. Sitting correctly and using the height adjustment to get in and out of the chair means I am much less tired. Before the VELA chair, it would take me and my husband around 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the day to get out of my old office chair and back into the scooter to go home. It now takes a few moments because I have more energy.”

“I have more energy at work and can do more at home after work because of the support and assistance the VELA chair provides. The chair has dramatically reduced my leg spasms, which I can’t believe.”

“The VELA chair is amazing! I wish I had one earlier.”