Look for versatility in electric tugs

Buying the right equipment to do the heavy lifting at any large facility is a wise expenditure.

Countless studies have been conducted in several countries that confirm it is extremely cost effective to ensure labour workers have the correct tools to make their jobs easier. This results in better employee morale, lower absenteeism, lower workers compensation costs and high productivity.

Moreover, by choosing an electric tug that is highly versatile and can be used for a number of different tasks, a facility manager can eliminate the need to buy several expensive products for various purposes. In today's world of constant progress and new technologies it's crucial for businesses to think long-term. Buying a heavy duty forklift that can only perform one function may work for some tasks, but it's almost guaranteed that its best features will become obsolete as the years go on.

Spacepac has developed products that managers can easily integrate with dozens of attachments designed for specific purposes. Take the Alitrak TT1000 Battery Electric Tug, for example. This product comes with the ability to attach several hauling options ranging from trolleys to hooks and clamps.

With the right attachment, this one machine can be used to transport heavy oil drums easily from one end of a facility to another. All it takes is a simple switch, and the same product quickly becomes the perfect carrier for a powered chassis designed for a company's unique products.

The special hooks spacepac offers with many of its products can be used for just about any industrial towing need.

Choosing movers and tuggers that can adapt with the world's rapidly changing technology can give any facility manager peace of mind that an equipment investment won't run dry in only a matter of years.

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