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Maestro Human Vibration meter helps out with Health & Safety

18 November, 2008

Vibration in the workplace is becoming a major concern, due to the increase in industrial injuries caused by high vibration levels.

For many products, such as power tools, low vibration levels give a competitive advantage.
Maestro is a simple and modular instrument, designed for all aspects of human vibration measurements.

All dedicated measurement functions, transducers and accessories are available for whole-body and hand/arm measurements, using a triaxial accelerometer connected to the multichannel input of Maestro.

Thanks to its unique four-channel design, Maestro can also be used for SEAT (Seat Effective Acceleration Transmissibility) measurements, with an extra accelerometer connected to the fourth channel.

Alternatively, a microphone can be connected to the fourth channel to give simultaneous measurements of noise and triaxial vibration.

The modularity of Maestro allows you to build up a complete configuration for your needs, at a competitive price. A basic version is also available for general purpose vibration measurements, using a mono-axial accelerometer.

With a large graphical display, and intuitive menu system, Maestro is always easy to use for any applications : one-off or production line tests, or health & safety, whatever the product or environment.

The AC output (for each of the four channels) can also be connected to a spectrum analyser for further analysis.

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