Managing, Organising, Storing and Moving the Medical Equipment Solutions

08 Apr 2021

As innovation and technology becomes more integrated to the patient bedside, nurses and surgeons, the medical cart is needed to provide the optimal work process.

The medication administration delivery process can, at times, become fragmented, in an attempt to meet the needs of patients, visitors, and other healthcare providers.

With YX Medical Carts, Nurses collect and prepare medication for each patient in the medication room, go to the patient's room to dispense the drugs, and return to the medication room to prepare for the next patient.

Medications can be stored in the lockable cart drawer.

Our YX Series Cart is designed with specific features of each cart as it relates to ergonomics, productivity, patient safety, care quality, and job satisfaction.

The medical cart used directly impacted the workflow process. Medication carts with multiple patient drawers improved the workflow process in medication administration by decreasing the number of trips to the medication room, thus increasing the efficiency of the work process.

The Utility and Medical Carts are decreasing the number of trips to the central medication room or supply room.

We have wide ranges of Medical carts to suits multiple purposes: Medication carts, Anaesthetic carts, Infusions carts, Emergency carts as well as Utility Carts