Maximum Working Temperatures: SIMAX® Borosilicate Heatproof Glass

Supplier: Thermoline Scientific Equipment By: Thermoline Scientific
07 September, 2021

SIMAX® Beakers, SIMAX® Flasks, SIMAX® Cylinders and SIMAX® Test Tubes

SIMAX® glass has excellent thermal properties at both high and low temperatures. The maximum recommended working temperature for SIMAX® laboratory glassware is approx 500°C (for short periods of time only).

SIMAX® glass also performs well at lower temperatures. This glass can withstand conditions down to -190°C and is suitable for use with liquid nitrogen. In normal laboratory use, temperatures of -70°C are easily sustained for lengthy periods.

Special care should always be taken to avoid sudden changes in glass temperature as this may fracture the glass, and cooling should be achieved in a slow uniform manner.

Usage temperature ranges of our SIMAX® glassware:

Working point = 1252°C
Softening point = 821°C
Annealing point = 565°C
Strain point = 510°C
Recommended maximum usage point = Below 500°C

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