Medical device recall 'as efficient as possible' with new portal

09 September, 2013

GS1 Australia with the support of the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) recently launched GS1 Recallnet Healthcare — an electronic product recall notification management system for therapeutic goods.

GS1 Recallnet Healthcare is an "online portal designed to improve patient safety by streamlining the management of product recall and non-recall notifications", according to a statement released this week by GS1 Australia.

It is designed to provide an electronic product recall notification management system in the Australian healthcare sector to improve patient safety by enhancing the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the recall process for therapeutic goods.

"Therapeutic product recalls always present a significant challenge to the Australian healthcare industry and this portal will improve the therapeutic product recall notification process for the benefit and safety of all Australians," Maria Palazzolo, GS1 Australia's CEO, said.

The service has been developed over three years by GS1 Australia in association with NEHTA, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), state and territory health departments and a number of medical device and pharmaceutical suppliers.

"By committing to one standardised program, Australian healthcare organisations will ensure the recall of products is as efficient, consistent and immediate as possible," Peter Fleming, CEO of NEHTA, said.

Manufacturers, suppliers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, distributors, health departments, pharmacies, hospitals and government agencies will be able to rely on GS1 Recallnet Healthcare to:

  • Improve patient and healthcare provider safety and quality of care
  • Reduce the costs for issuing and enacting product recalls
  • Reduce errors, confusion and re-work
  • Decrease the time and effort to respond to recalls
  • Increase visibility of recall progress and effectiveness across the chain
  • Improve the traceability of therapeutic goods
  • Streamline recall progress reporting to the TGA
  • Decrease the risks and costs associated with product recalls

A similar service called GS1 Recallnet was launched for the food industry in 2011, with grocery, food and liquor products able to be withdrawn or recalled quickly and easily.

"Global supply chain standards are the foundation of effective product recall," Palazzolo said.

"GS1 global standards are used by millions of companies around the world to enhance the safety, security and efficiency of their supply chains.

"GS1 Recallnet Healthcare will improve patient safety by streamlining the management of product recalls for medicines, implants, medical equipment and medical consumables in the Australian market."

GS1 Recallnet Healthcare will allow users to create recall and non-recall notifications following the uniform recall procedure for therapeutic goods guidelines and to submit recall notifications to the TGA for review and approval.

GS1 Recallnet Healthcare provides industry knowledge and best practices to standardise and streamline product recall and non-recall notifications for therapeutic goods.

GS1 Recallnet Healthcare was officially launched at GS1 Australia's Supply Chain Week 2013 in Sydney on 10 September by Fleming and Palazzolo, along with Martin Edwards, Director Information Services, Health Purchasing, Victoria, and Karen O'Donnell, Quality, Regulatory, Environmental and Health Officer – Australia and New Zealand at ArjoHuntleigh.