Midwives lead the way in maternal telehealth services

19 June, 2014

A team of Australian midwives are now leading the way in Australian telehealth support following the introduction of a new maternal and neo-natal health service.

Bump to Baby is a new phone-based initiative that will address the health needs of new and expecting parents, and their little bundles of joy.

Operating nationally, Bump to Baby is staffed by qualified and experienced midwives who are trained to provide phone-based support across a broad range of maternal and neo-natal areas.

Clinical Services Manager Jane Cameron says Bump to Baby will go a long way in supporting women in a new and innovative way.

"Bump to Baby will ease stress levels for women and their partners looking for the right health advice. They can simply pick up the phone, call and be greeted by one of our midwives who will come to understand them, their baby and their personal healthcare needs," Cameron said.

Cameron said two of the most popular forms of assistance offered by the Bump to Baby service are breastfeeding and settling infants.

"We're finding that many new parents prefer our phone-based consultations – allowing them the privacy to chat about their concerns, which they would otherwise feel uncomfortable discussing face-to-face," Cameron said.

Bump to Baby will serve as a convenient alternative for new and soon to become parents seeking support. The service could be the most useful gift to any new parent from relatives, friends or work colleagues.