New Kid on the Block: The Powerful and NEW Noblesse A Cure Light!

Supplier: ICONA
24 April, 2020

Curing lights are invaluable tools in the field of dentistry. Their light energy is used to initiate the polymerisation process of almost all dental adhesives, adhesive cement, and resin composites.

The market is chock full of dental curing light products, all varying in specs, designs, and manufacturers. Competition is quite tough, but despite this fact, there’s always a new challenger brave enough to stand out. Noblesse A comes in as the new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled, it’s bound to amaze and awe everyone’s teeth!

Noblesse A: An Introduction

Curing lights help make sure that the clinical success of a dental treatment lasts for a long time. It basically helps dentists avoid dental mishaps like marginal discolouration, de-bonding issues, sensitivity, and fractured restorations. Noblesse A takes it up a notch with its built-in plaque detection mode, able to scan even the minutest sign of plaque buildup.

Noblesse A is also durable, sporting a solid aluminium structure on its entire body. Aside from being quite sturdy, it has a 180-degree rotating head, capable of reaching into hard to get places, making the polymerisation process more concise. But that’s not even what makes this brilliant piece of dental equipment stand out.

The Powerful and Versatile Curing Light for Dentists!

What makes a dental curing light brilliant are its features and Noblesse A has tons of them! Let’s start off with its fusion mechanism. The LED curing of Noblesse A has a max power of 3,000 mW/cm2 and has more than 20,000 lux. On top of that, it has 13 curing light modes (including orthodontic and bleaching) and has white LED lighting. It also comes in 3 different colours (black, pink, and blue).

It’s precision optics is designed using dual-core lens mechanics that lets light energy to be evenly dispersed on a lens that has a surface width of 10mm. This allows light energy to successfully reach the optimal depth where excellent polymerisation is achieved. Noblesse A exceptional is also wireless, with a charging system that sports a simple, cube-like modern design. The Lithium-ion battery can be rapidly charged and easily exchanged, powering the device up to 500 curing cycles in one charging session!

The Reason Why this Underdog Shines

There are a lot of different curing lights available in the market. Most of them are pretty efficient and powerful like the Noblesse A. However, not all of them have custom memory options in their functionality. Customer memory options let dentists save personalised settings on the device, making those preferred settings unique only to them. Having OLED and Broadband LED technology also lets it be capable of handling a wide variety of composite resins.

When it comes to choosing a dental curing light for any dentist’s office, Noblesse A should be a part of everyone’s top list. It’s versatile, it’s efficient, and it’s jam-packed with powerful features. If you’re looking to provide patients with an experience that even their teeth approve of, getting the Noblesse A to join in is certainly a must!