Peri Foam FAQ's

Supplier: Bio-Assist Industries
20 March, 2019

Heres a list of commonly asked questions about our Foaming Skin Cleanser | Peri-Foam.

Q. Can Peri -Foam be used for Urinary and Faecal incontinence? A. Yes, the added benefit is the odour neutraliser

Q. How often should I use Peri -Foam? A. As often as required, Peri -Foam is water based and will not cause any build up of product on theskin.

Q. Will Peri -Foam affect the absorbency of disposable or re -usable incontinence pads? A. No. Peri -Foam is water based and will not affect the absorbency of pads.

Q. Is Peri -Foam only used in Aged Care? A. No. Peri -Foam is now being used in Palliative Care as a full body wash, Homenursing,CommunityNursing,Travelling,Outdoor activities,Camping etc. Peri -Foam can be used for any type of personal hygiene requirements.

Q. Why use Peri -Foam in place of soap and water? A. Through controlled trials conducted in nursing home environments, Peri -Foam has proven to be more cost effective than soap and water and is far more soothing on the skin.

Q. Is Peri -Foam only useful forincontinence? A. No. Although originally developed as a skin management product for incontinence, Peri -Foam is now being used as a full body wash for patients with limited mobility.


  • Easy to use
  • Does not affect the absorbency of incontinence pads
  • Effective skin management
  • Clears excoriations
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Eliminates odours
  • Beneficial for skin subject to breakdown
  • Water based, no need to rinse off
  • Can be used for bed bathing
  • Cost effective skin management

SKIN MANAGEMENT: Protect Skin & Reduce Handling

To help maintain skin integrity, a common problem is skin fragility and damage which requires extra time and care when being washed or showered.

Results of using PERI FOAM during trials found;

  • Cost savings of up to 57 per cent (not including staff time).
  • The number of face washers used was reduced.
  • The use of extra barrier creams & moisturisers were substantially reduced, as PERI FOAM replaced them.
  • PERI FOAM has distinct advantages over the usual hygiene products and methods used with incontinent residents.
  • PERI FOAM is easy to use, and is very good for skin integrity because of the built-in moisturizers, the natural benefits of Tea Tree oil and other herbal extracts.
  • It is time effective, due to its multi-purpose formula, and this reduced time for hygiene lessens the likelihood of residents becoming anxious, agitated or aggressive.
  • For residents at the palliative stage, it eliminates the need for daily showering, and also reduces the amount of time and handling required during bed-sponging.


Comments and observations from staff:

  • PERI FOAM reduced number of excoriations
  • Immediate reduction of odour, especially after Peri-foam is used
  • Tea Tree/lemon smell lingers on residents skin
  • Excellent for the removal of faeces • Excellent barrier protection
  • Residents have commented on the nice smell