Remote performance monitoring supports analyzer uptime

21 Dec 2020

Get support in monitoring your analyzers remotely

The University Hospital of Wales is a major 1080-bed hospital in the Heath district of Cardiff, Wales. It is Europe’s first fully integrated hospital and medical school. It is also the third largest university hospital in the UK.

At the University Hospital of Wales, Mark Saunders and Chris Evans are integral members of the point-of-care (POC) team. Mark is the lead biomedical scientist in the automated area. He manages point-of-care testing concerning blood gas. His responsibilities include daily maintenance and upkeep of analyzers and training of lab staff. 

His colleague, Chris Evans, the Deputy Pathology IT Manager, manages the IT systems. Chris works alongside Mark with the configurations they need. 

Mark and Chris spoke with us about their journey with LIVE Connect— a service that helps you partner with Radiometer to reduce analyzer downtime and remain compliant. 


The need for an ongoing monitoring of analyzers

Prior to installing LIVE Connect, Mark and his POC team, visited the wards at the start of every day shift. If any issues arise later in the day, they would rely on ward staff to contact them to fix it. 

This worked out okay, "but occasionally," Mark added, "we had issues that were reported at the end of the day shift. So there's challenges to that. There's a handover to a reduced staff service because the work would tail off into the evening."