Remote WiFi Technology for Patient Risk Assessment

02 Feb 2021

Highly accurate pressure sensors now allow clinicians to monitor patient movement on the bed. This real time data can be used to assist in assessing the risk of pressure ulcers. Here's how it works

Imagine an air alternating therapy mattress that can sense and record even the smallest patient movement - not only as it happens but also as an historical record of patient movement - showing any baseline changes.

Aged Care facilities in NSW and Victoria are now deploying this technology throughout their sites.  Clinicians at these facilities can now select a mattress on their office PCs, Laptops or mobile devices and instantly view data on how each patient is receiving support therapy and how they are responding.

A Director of Nursing for example can determine the following by using these TheraCloud WiFi Mattresses

  •  When staff are transferring a high risk resident on or off the bed
  •  If any micromovements are occurring which can point to the level of risk.
  •  Are any floor staff adjusting the pressure settings through the night or during transfers
  •  Whether a resident is getting in or out of bed by themselves

We have included an example of the control screen which allows a clinician not only to observe sensor readouts in real or historical time but also directly control and adjust the mattress to suit each patient.