Scuba Gear Storage Cupboard | Storing Diving Equipment | Dive Equipment Cabinets

Supplier: Statewide Office Furniture
28 March, 2020

The storage of scuba diving gear offers several difficulties that need to be overcome.

Some of these difficulties include the heightened risk of corrosion, the weight of the diving vests/other underwater gear, and the speed at which wet gear will dry inside a cupboard. Keeping these challenges in mind, our designers and production team came together to work out two new, Australian made scuba gear storage cupboards that could handle the workload.

Making the Necessary Changes to Create Scuba Gear Storage Cupboards

Being that we needed additional strength, corrosion resistance, and size we made the following product changes:

  • Increased airflow
  • MetaPrep Primer Coat to encapsulate the steel
  • Stainless steel accessories
  • Bigger size – 1800H x 900W x 700D
  • Reinforced shelving

Increasing Airflow = Less Moisture In The Cupboard

Normally, ventilation is limited to the doors or rear of the cupboard. For the scuba gear storage cupboard, we opted for top ventilation to allow evaporating moisture to rise uninhibited. Less moisture = less time for rust to take hold.

MetaPrep Primer Stops Rust Before it Begins

MetaPrep Primer from Interpon is designed to reduce the occurrence and severity of corrosion. Unlike standard powder coats, MetaPrep Primer adheres to both the steel and the adjacent paint molecules. This pre-coat fully encapsulates the steel keeping out harmful moisture and oxygen. Metaprep can be used in conjunction with any colour.

Stainless Steel Hanging Rail: Strength, Durability and Style

Using a stainless steel hanging rail satisfied two requirements. It is strong enough to bear the weight of diving suits whilst simultaneously being immune to rust.

Bigger than Normal Cupboards, Fits Dive Suits Easily

To accommodate the scuba gear, we increased the depth of our cupboards from 450mmD to a whopping 700mmD. This allows for the easy hanging of wet suits and dive suits.

einforced Shelves: No Flex

There were two types of scuba gear storage cupboards requested. One for hanging dive suits, and one for scuba gear. We reinforced the shelving with welded stiffeners, and installed them on welded shelf brackets. These shelves aren’t going anywhere!

Statewide is equipped to make your custom products

We had a lot of fun and satisfaction designing this scuba gear storage cupboard, seeing it come to life and making sure that every last detail was fit for purpose. If you need a new product designed, or an existing product modified, get in touch.