Serious on maintaining your equipment?

The only safe way to patch!
The only safe way to patch!
31 May 2021

Recent studies show that up to 48% of patient surfaces found in hospitals have the potential to be damaged without being noticed.

Both pressure care and soft vinyl patient surfaces can get regularly damaged from daily wear and tear. Cuts, holes, and abrasions are often overlooked, and it is critical that these damages be resolved as quickly as possible. So those surfaces don’t become compromised, otherwise basic cleaning of the surface with disinfectant won’t meet infection control standards.

Once a surface is damaged, fluids and other bacteria can make their way into the inner core and harbour dangerous pathogens, increasing the risk of HAI’s among patients. Thorough environmental cleaning is critical in preventing the transmission of infections and diseases and it has never been a more crucial time in the lives of your patients to take the extra precautions to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Replacing equipment such as mattresses, examination tables and comfort chairs can be costly and can result in the inconvenience of important products being condemned or taken out of service. Our customer support team are always here to help and provide helpful solutions just like the brilliant invention of repair patches. Follow these four simple steps for application:

  1. Identify the surface damage type and location
  2. Select the best sized patch to cover the damage properly
  3. Clean the are thoroughly and dry
  4. Peel off the backing and seal the patch down completely to all edges

Before CleanPatch, there was no safe solution for repairing damaged surfaces of medical equipment. It is common to think of the unauthorized and unproven types of repairs like; plaster and tape however, these methods have been independently tested and proven to be ineffective and risky. Inspired by a nurse, the patches are designed to resolve damages quickly, easily, and effectively and for a fraction of the price that it would cost to replace equipment. The CleanPatches are now being utilised across thousands of healthcare facilities globally as part of a surface inspection and repair program. So, now we ask you the important question…

How seriously is this silent hazard being taken in your facility?