Shielding from Scatter Radiation: X-ray Mobile Barriers

Supplier: Ortek By: Infab Corporation
30 September, 2021

X-ray mobile barriers provide an additional layer of protection from scatter radiation for doctors and technicians during fluoroscopy, x-ray, CT, and mammography procedures.

INFAB barriers feature clear, durable, shatter-resistant windows of 2.0 mm lead glass or .5 mm lead equivalent acrylic.

Hospital-grade swivel casters provide effortless rolling and maneuvering with locking brakes for secure placement.

Powder-coated steel frames enclose the glass panels; precision TIG welded for years of trouble-free service. The Sintra plastic bases with 1.5 mm LE base panels are easy to clean, featuring a 1.0 mm LE floor curtain.

Choose between white, black, grey, or stainless steel. 

Or upgrade with any color or logo.