29 Apr 2021

It's time to take this issue off the shelf and address it. Storage in our hospitals is poor.

There is no room, no order and generally what is being used is out of date and would no longer meet standard.

Hospital staff do the best they can with what they have to work with. But seriously, let's really address that question. How often do YOU think about your storage problems?

Occasionally - Only on days when I cannot find what I'm looking for!

Often - Our stock management is non-existent, and we are literally throwing money down the toilet from wastage

E-V-E-R-Y    S-I-N-G-L-E    D-A-Y! - I spend so much time just trying to find what I'm looking for, something needs to change,  and it needs to change NOW!


We speak with healthcare professionals in our hospitals every day and the most common complaint is, there simply isn't enough storage. Space is precious and patient care takes priority. When we are assessing the storage needs with those that use it day in and day out, we find their creative solutions, genius work arounds, such as tiny nooks hidden under benches and hidey holes in random cupboards. Basically, anywhere that CAN store consumables HAS to be utilised. The result, however, is goods scattered everywhere and no real workable system or order. And who is left responsible for managing that?

Does it matter though? If it has become this bad for most hospitals and it hasn't been a priority to rectify it, DOES it actually matter?

The simple answer is YES!

Our experience has shown that if gone unaddressed, the cost to a healthcare facility is high. The wasted consumables due to poor stock management is in excess of 10% pa and time loss due to the inefficient workflow methods to be upwards of 30% pa.

H+H FlexShelf - Imagine having a system where everything had its place.

  • Things were organised, colour coded and tagged

  • A system that could adapt, grow and is flexible enough to change with you as you need it too

  • A system that is built around a real understanding of YOUR hospitals workflow

  • A system that increased your storage capacity whilst reducing your storage footprint for existing stock levels


You see, this "solution" is more than just a shelf. There are plenty of aluminium racking shelves for sale in the marketplace today but take a minute to understand the true difference between "a shelf" and a system that provides a wholistic solution to storage AND workflow.

A single, universal module solution that means the ISO standard baskets can be used across your entire system.

Giving you a single solution for labelling, dividing, and managing your consumables from the main store to transport carts, to workstations and finally, to point of care.

If your hospital isn't asking for H+H FlexShelf by name, it should be! For more information about the entire solution, check here: https://www.ortek.com.au/flexshelf

Save time. Stop wastage. Save money. H+H FlexShelf. Simple solutions to everyday storage problems.