The first medical-grade monitor utilising OLED technology

New surgical display expected to benefit surgical procedures.

Sony Australia today announced the industry’s first Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) medical monitor at the Australian Gastroenterology Week (AGW) 2012 at the Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre. Using Sony’s innovative OLED technologies, the PVM2551MD 24.5 inch OLED medical monitor is expected to bring significant viewing benefits for a variety of surgical procedures, including true-to-life colour reproduction, high resolution and virtually no motion blur.
 OLED is the next generation flat-panel screen technology with superior image quality which outperforms liquid-crystal display (LCD). As a pioneer in OLED technologies, Sony’s PVM-2551MD OLED medical monitor features a Full HD OLED panel using Sony’s unique “Super Top Emission” technology which enhances the colour purity of emitted light and reduces ambient light reflection. 

The PVM-2551MD monitor incorporates a specially developed OLED processor to bring out the full performance of the Sony’s OLED panel. This OLED processor offers superb uniformity and quality consistency across the entire panel. 

Furthermore, thanks to Sony’s revolutionary TRIMASTER EL (Electro-Luminescence) technology, it enables the panel to achieve pure black which is faithful to the source signal. By providing superb colour reproduction, especially for dark images in applications like endoscopy, it allows medical professionals to observe very subtle details during surgery procedures.

Additionally, because the OLED electroluminescent layer inherently responds to any electrical current input, it emits light immediately. This therefore achieves superb quick response performance for fast moving images. With its much quicker response time than LCD, its ability to display quick motion with virtually no blur is one of the greatest advantages of the OLED monitor.
The above factors surpass the demanding picture expression required for monitors used in the medical field and it is expected to support quicker, more confident decision marking for medical professionals which is extremely beneficial for patients.

The PVM-2551MD offers a variety of scan and display modes, such as the horizontal image flip function, which is commonly used in endoscopic operations. There is also a selection of gamma settings for users to choose from.

The Sony OLED medical monitor, PVM-2551MD, is currently available for sale with pricing available upon request.

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