The hidden costs of fleet management

Supplier: Spacepac Industries
25 October, 2013

Any facilities manager understands that building a strong fleet of industrial movers is essential for efficient operations.

However, owning an entire fleet of vehicles comes with several hidden costs that, if gone unchecked, can lead to much lower profit margins in the long term. To keep these costs under control, many warehouse officials turn to asset management systems to keep their fleets in check.

Often, these asset management programs involve identifying areas where efficiency can be improved in industrial vehicles, which can also lower costs associated with repairs and scheduled maintenance. These also include making sound capital investment decisions in the first place, so a business isn't stuck with money-sapping utility products for the long haul.

While these programs are a great way to ensure the hidden costs of fleet management don't come back to bite you, there are other ways that you can take better control of your equipment.

By using Spacepac's products, facility managers can significantly simplify their asset management programs. All Spacepac products are engineered to hold up in tough conditions and last for years.

Though durable, their simple design also ensures repairs will always be a snap, and if scheduled maintenance is a part of the asset management program, this too can be simplified with less complex products.

The Spacepac XL-H400-RVS Battery Electric Tug, for example, is categorised as one of the company's "standard" machines, but it can pull as much as 1,500 kilograms and is designed for multi-shift operations.

Some of the world's largest companies have already integrated the product into their asset management programs, including Amsterdam's Shiphol Airport, Unilever and General Electric. Considering the machine can operate for up to 24 hours on a single charge, it's ideal for any operation that never sleeps.