The newest in food transport systems

Supplier: Warequip
17 October, 2014

Hot food must be served hot, cold food must be served cold, and all food must be handled hygienically.

The new Hallins Temptainer Trolley range is the new age system founded on healthy food transport, food safety and food ergonomics.

Manufactured in Sweden, the Temptainer range is solid cold-rolled stainless steel with a matt polished exterior which is both attractive and easy to clean.  The system of trolleys is available in various sizes and configurations, and provides a heating, neutral and a cooling system, which is crucial throughout the box area maintaining food quality during transport.

Temptainer trolleys feature a robust heating element that minimises energy consumption.  These trolleys are configured as single and double towers and can be completely hosed down inside and out. All handles, doors, bumpers and wheel arrangements are designed specifically with ergonomics in mind.