Top Features In Tinnitus-Treating Devices

30 Jan 2020

According to the American Tinnitus Association, 50 million Americans are living with this bothersome condition.

As an Audiologist, you’ve most likely treated many patients for Tinnitus. And while it is vital to be equipped with hearing instruments that are specifically designed to alleviate the common “ringing in the ears,” are you equipped with the latest assessment tools to identify the specific type of Tinnitus a patient may be suffering from?

Most traditional or conventional audiometers are limiting because you can only present patients with pure tones, sounds at the octaves or inter-octaves or sometimes narrow band noise. But possessing the latest resources for Tinnitus measurement and treatment will expand your ability to meet and exceed your patients’ needs in the long-term — which will help your practice thrive. So, when searching for the latest Tinnitus-treating devices, here are four must-have features:

  1. A customized stimulus. Although many Tinnitus symptoms are similar, the perceived sound typically varies from patient-to-patient. Working with a customized stimulus when measuring Tinnitus means you’ll be able to provide several different means of stimuli to better determine the exact sound your patient is hearing. By matching the frequency level, bandwidth, slope and tempo of Tinnitus, you can match each individual sound in a more accurate manner. Having the ability to raise your stimulus above the Tinnitus match, by widening bandwidth if/as needed, will make your results more customized to your patients’ needs.
  2. Built-in, flexible modulation capabilities. When you have precise control of the level, shape and frequency of sound signals in your Tinnitus-treating device, you can program stable or modulated sound frequencies to provide a variety of Tinnitus relief options. And when these tools are built into your Tinnitus-treating software, you can demonstrate to your patients what life can be like without Tinnitus, and even expose key features in some of the most advanced Tinnitus-treating hearing instruments. Give your patients a taste of the amplification capabilities that enable better understanding of conversation with adjustable relief sounds, or explore the variety of customizable masking and/or soothing sounds — all of which can be found in select hearing aids from Sonic, such as our latest innovation, Enchant. Customized options for individual needs are easy to apply in up to 4 listening programs — significantly helpful for relieving patients’ Tinnitus that changes or fluctuates over time.
  3. Tinnitus reporting directly from your assessment platform. When you deliver a comprehensive Tinnitus assessment, creating your end report should not only be quick, but it should also be thorough. With a device such as the MedRx Tinnometer, your entire assessment can be completed in three simple steps. And in less than ten minutes, you can perform a Tinnitus assessment/pitch match and generate a customized report specific to the assessment at hand.
  4. NOAH™ compatibility for easy session and save recall. Whether it’s a built-in or standalone database, saving and recalling your sessions is crucial. And with an easy-to-use interface, this process is streamlined. NOAH™ standardizes data exchange applications so that you can store all your patient, measurement and fitting information in one place. When all this data is easily accessible at any time for future monitoring, you can accurately track changes in your patients’ Tinnitus and provide hearing aid recommendations specifically based on pitch matching —making the selection process quick and attainable.

If you’re looking for specific software and hearing devices that encompass all these features, look towards the MedRx Tinnometer and Sonic’s Enchant hearing instruments. Searching for the most valuable resources for the ultimate Tinnitus support can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Being equipped with these two innovative technologies means you can free yourself from the limitations of traditional audiometers and expand business opportunities for your practice. Offer your patients individualized, comprehensive Tinnitus treatments with the latest technologies in the industry — from the moment you assess them to the day they’ve adjusted to their new hearing aids.

Eager to learn about how your practice can thrive? Discover the benefits of becoming a Tinnitus-treating clinic, and contact Sonic today to begin paving a successful trajectory for Tinnitus treatment.