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22 April, 2019

This week: A new action plan for arthritis - Graphic tobacco warnings working on teens - Managing dental pain in a GP setting - and more.

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Australia has a new action plan for arthritis

Experts believe the common condition could be better treated and prevented. -


Flu season 2019: What we know

With thousands of cases and a handful of deaths already confirmed this year, experts examine what we know so far in 2019. -


2 in 3 patients don't reveal complementary medicine use

New research out of the University of Technology in Sydney has revealed that only 1 in 3 people taking complementary medicines (CMs) tell their healthcare professionals (HCPs) about their use. -

Building a digital-literate workforce in healthcare

With an ageing population and the introduction of new technologies, the healthcare industry in Australia is, no doubt booming. But is this growth substantiated with the relevant skilled employment it requires? -


Managing dental pain in a GP setting

Dental pain is a common presentation in medical general practices, with one in seven people attending a medical service in the past 12 months experiencing a toothache, but it can be difficult to successfully diagnose such pain outside of a dental setting. -


'Bubble boy' SCID disease effectively cured with experimental gene therapy

Infants born with an extremely rare, life-threatening genetic disorder sometimes known as 'bubble boy' disease have been effectively cured thanks to a gene therapy developed by US scientists. -


Suicide rates after hospital dismissal down 50%

In the past 20 years, the number of people committing suicide after being discharged from non-psychiatric hospitals has dropped by 50%. -


Graphic tobacco warnings do work on teens, study shows

While older smokers may have become jaded to graphic warnings on cigarette packets, new data shows the deterrents are still working on younger people. -


Fungus is the next 'superbug' to threaten human health

Why are we now hearing so much about "mysterious" infections and "killer superbugs" emerging from the fungal world? -


Portable neurostimulation device trial for remote sufferers of depression

Researchers say a hand-held device that sufferers of depression can take home and use themselves has the power to dramatically improve people's moods. -


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