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By: MedicalSearch
05 August, 2019

This Week: AI system predicts when Alzheimer's patients will experience cognitive decline - 3D printing the human heart - Why does cancer exist at all? - and more

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Reduced regulation to boost large medicinal cannabis projects

From 1 September, The Morrison Government will give priority to medicinal cannabis projects that will make a contribution in exports, jobs and industry development. -


3D printing the human heart

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has published a paper in Science that details a new technique allowing anyone to 3D bioprint tissue scaffolds out of collagen. This first-of-its-kind method brings the field of tissue engineering one step closer to being able to 3D print a full-sized, adult human heart. -


AI System Predicts When Alzheimer’s Patients Will Experience Cognitive Decline

A new artificial intelligence model created by MIT Media Lab researchers can help in predicting which patients at risk for Alzheimer’s disease will experience significant cognitive decline. By predicting these patients’ cognition test scores up to two years in the future. -


Why does cancer exist at all?

Cancer has touched most of our lives, taking down friends in their prime and plaguing the older years of loved ones. But, from a biological perspective, why? -


How one hospital’s staff engagement survey boosts workforce development – and patient care

Duncan Regional Hospital uses its annual team member engagement survey to help workers enhance their workplace and careers, resulting in higher satisfaction for staff and patients. -



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