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By: MedicalSearch
25 March, 2019

This week: Is Technology taking ethics out of Healthcare? - Protecting patient privacy and security - AI helping diabetics - Robotic puppies - and more

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Do new technologies take ethics out of healthcare?

The healthcare industry has, for many years, been highly dependent on technology. But with the introduction and use of new technologies such as machine learning and AI in healthcare, the issue of ethics has come into question.


Nurses call for healthcare support staff to be regulated

About 70 per cent of the Australian aged care workforce consists of staff who are not adequately regulated, trained or supervised, a new report from the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) reveals.


World’s smallest medical implant to help people at risk of blindness

Little bigger than a grain of sand, this is officially the world’s smallest medical implant. Yet the tiny device is set to transform treatment for tens of thousands who are at risk of blindness due to glaucoma. -


Cultural respect in general practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Closing the health and care gaps between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australians and non-Indigenous Australians has been a longstanding challenge.


European bias in genetic research could lead to 'dangerously inadequate' understanding of disease

The majority of human genetic research has focused on people of European ancestry, leaving a gaping hole in our understanding of human disease and potential treatments, health experts say. -


Heart keyhole surgery could benefit thousands more Australians

Two major trials have revealed thousands of Australians with faulty heart valves could benefit from keyhole surgery.


Connected care: protecting patient privacy and security

The rollout of My Health Record reflects a significant shift towards the digitisation of healthcare and Australia’s vision to make patient records more accessible.


Artificial intelligence breakthrough helps diabetics and aviation engines

Breakthrough artificial intelligence developed in Queensland could improve insulin dosing for diabetics and transform the way aeroplane engine wear-and-tear is monitored. -


Free surfboard scheme encourages 'saltwater therapy' for mental health'

The founder of OneWave, the not-for-profit surfing group that brought Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Bondi Beach late last year, recognises how much the ocean can help mental health.


Robotic puppies and kittens help to trigger happy memories in dementia patients

Fluffy, cuddly and irresistibly cute robotic pets are being used to help Australians living with dementia relax and relive happy memories. -


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