TSE -Sophisticated Life Science Research Instrumentation

05 Aug 2021

Founded in 1886, TSE Systems is one of the world‘s leading specialists in the areas of behavioral, physiological, metabolic and inhalation research. We offer the total solution experience for in vivo

We build research equipment (mice cages, rat cages, group housed, colonies) designed around the 3R principle and animal welfare. We work collaboratively with top researchers and consortium worldwide anticipating trends and constructing them into translational research tools to quantify scientific endpoints for disease research.

We are the pioneer of homecage phenotyping, behavioral screening of group housed animals in social groups, isotope gas and microbiome sensors in combination with indirect calorimetry in rodents, operant walls – to name a few. Design is our passion. Through our multidisciplinary tools, we enable researchers to measure science through investigation of multiple paradigms within the same system.

For 133 years, TSE Systems has been creating innovative solutions for preclinical in-vivo biomedical research. We are the market leader of phenotyping equipment for metabolic and behavioral research, integrated wireless telemetry, and inhalation toxicology.

Our research systems are key to exploring new treatments and drugs to increase the quantity of life. We do this in a sustainable way with respect for our environment and the utmost respect for the research subjects used with our equipment. TSE drives the 3R process with innovations that bring the experiment to the animal, home cage use for mice and rats, super-enriched environments, all–digital, and highly repeatable.

TSE Systems helps researchers see science from all sides of research. Our multidisciplinary tools empower researchers to conduct multiple experiments, multiple paradigms – all from a single tool. Observe individual, group-housed, or colonies in their natural settings. Our suite of products are modular in design and can be expanded with minimum cost and infrastructure.


Warranty & Service

TSE Two (2) Years ALL-IN Premium Warranty and Service Package

At TSE Systems, we believe in our products, our excellent technical support and service. That´s why most of our instrumentations are covered by the TSE Two (2) Years ALL-IN Premium Warranty as well as the TSE Service Package from new. These packages provide the following support:

  • Free of charge support, repair or replacement by phone or e-mail, either remote or on-site as needed
  • Free of charge use of our 24/7 support
  • Free of charge software updates
  • Unlimited software licenses for analysis for most products
  • Free of charge software upgrades
  • Free of charge firmware updates
  • Free of charge firmware upgrades
  • Free of charge engineering reliability upgrades
  • Discounted preventive maintenance



  • Krumdieck Tissue Slicer: All-IN Premium Warranty & Service Package: 1 year
  • Stellar Implantable Transmitter: See item description
  • VideoMot2: Software updates free of charge for 1 year; Software licenses for analysis incur additional costs.


Maintenance Contract

TSE Systems Maintenance Package

The TSE Systems Maintenance Package is an economical choice, which can be booked as an add-on to the initial 2-Year ALL-IN Warranty and Service Package, or for the time after its expiry. It protects your investment by providing:

  • SCHEDULED PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CALLS (PMC’S) increase instrument reliability and performance. Thorough PMC procedures including inspecting, adjusting, and calibrating to factory specifications. A list of tasks to be carried out during preventive maintenance and the maintenance intervals can be obtained from your local service representative.
  • EMERGENCY REPAIR SERVICE with reduced additional charges for on-site labor, travel time, or travel expenses.
  • REPLACEMENT PARTS reduced charge. TSE Systems service engineers have ready access to the stock of commonly used parts for timely instrument repairs. Additional parts are obtained from TSE Systems´ computerized service inventory, which provides ready access to our maintenance parts.
  • SOFTWARE UPDATES are included.
  • FIRMWARE UPDATES / FIRMWARE UPGRADES are included and are installed without charge during the preventive maintenance visit. Firmware Updates / Upgrades enhance instrument performance and reliability. TSE Systems service engineers are informed of these enhancements and will automatically update your instrumentation.
  • ENGINEERING RELIABILITY UPGRADES are available at a reduced charge and can be installed during the preventive maintenance visit. Engineering Reliability Upgrades enhance instrument performance and reliability. TSE Systems service engineers are informed of these enhancements and are prepared to update your instrumentation.
  • FACTORY TRAINED AND CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS perform all service repairs. TSE Systems service engineers are continuously trained on the latest instrument technology, product improvements, software, and accessories.
  • 24/7 PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE during ALL-IN Warranty & Service Package period and for customers with a maintenance agreement.

A prerequisite for this Package is TSE Systems internet access to the equipment or system