Unforeseen effects: carbon tax and the optical sector

10 July, 2012

Australia's largest optical groups are uncertain of the effect the Australian carbon tax will have on the optical sector.

ProVision CEO Steven Johnston does not foresee the carbon tax having a high impact on members' businesses.

"While we expect there will be some flow-on effect in areas such as freight, fuel and electricity, we don't anticipate this to be significant. However, it is yet another reason why we are exploring supply chain efficiencies including freight savings in the independent market," he said.

"Our advice...is to remain focused on their businesses and continue to monitor expenses for any significant variances, as they would normally, over the coming months. Until that time, we won’t have a clear understanding of the real flow-on effect. Any areas of concern can then be reviewed to ensure the profitability of...businesses is maintained."

Anthea Muir, vice president of product and information technology at Luxottica, said the group had not received alerts about business costs rising, apart from the price of electricity.

"An increase will apply to all businesses and consumers as well as well as our own stores, including 77 run by our franchise partners. We have had to make a number of assumptions on the new tax’s impact across our business in our forecasting for the 2013 financial year and beyond," she said.

"The cost of freight is one area we believe will increase but we have not received notifications from any of our suppliers as yet. Until we receive concrete information, we will not be able to see the full effect on our own prices of goods for our franchisees and wholesale customers."

Source: Optometrists Association Australia