Welch Allyn technology provides connectivity

Supplier: Welch Allyn - Hillrom
02 July, 2013

Welch Allyn technology provides connectivity between diagnostic devices and EMR.

Electronic vital signs documentation results in more immediate and accurate patient data, improved workflow and satisfaction.

Welch Allyn, a leading medical diagnostic device company that specialises in helping clinicians improve patient outcomes, has been working with Epic to connect several of its vital signs devices, monitors and ECG units to Epic's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to help eliminate the need for manual data entry by providers, increase efficiency and alleviate the risk of transcription and latency errors.

By establishing connectivity between Welch Allyn devices and the EMR, clinicians are able to transfer patient test results directly between diagnostic devices and the EMR - resulting in immediate access to accurate patient data and improved workflow.

"With immediate access to patient data, clinicians are able to make better informed, faster decisions on the care plans of their patients," said Garrison Gomez, director of Integrated Devices at Welch Allyn.

"The ability to assess changes in patients' conditions and have access to current patient data from anywhere on the health IT network helps improve overall patient care. By developing connectivity between Welch Allyn devices and EMR systems such as Epic, we can help facilities meet the needs of the clinicians and their patients in a very efficient way."

Studies on manual vitals documentation have shown that 4,000 omission and/or transcription errors can occur per year for a 100-bed facility (of which about 80% are lower acuity floors); 3,200 hours were wasted with manual vital sign documentation; and more than $100,000 was lost in productivity due to lack of access to vitals.

The availability of an automated system that captures and wirelessly transmits patient data helps eliminate these issues. Providers can visit www.welchallyn.com/connex to calculate a cost estimate using the Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Documentation Value Analyzer tool.

The Welch Allyn family of Epic-connected vital signs devices include:

  • Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series
  • Spot Vital Signs® Device
  • Spot Vital Signs® LXi Device
  • Connex® Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series
  • Connex® Integrated Wall System
  • Connex® ProBP™ 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device

The company's full line of connected cardiopulmonary devices includes:

  • CardioPerfect® Workstation Software & Data Management System
  • PC-Based Resting ECG
  • PC-Based Exercise ECG
  • PC-Based SpiroPerfect® Spirometer
  • PC-Based Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)