What is a walk-in bath?

Supplier: Windsor Walk-In Baths (Australia)
12 December, 2017

Walk-in and sit-down baths are designed for people who are finding it difficult to safely use a normal bath.

They are commonly used as a combined shower base and bath, quite often located in existing shower areas. These baths are a world-wide item and have been available in the UK for over 30 years. They are a relatively new item in Australia where they have been available only in the last 10 years.

These baths have a door which allows the user to get into and out of a bath easily and safely. The user gets into the bath, closes the door and fills up the bath. These baths are fitted with specially made fast-fill taps to fill the bath quickly.

The hydrotherapy spa system, can be used to heat the bath surface inside the bath before the user gets in. Once in the bath the user is safe from falls. Even in the event of dizziness caused by a steamy atmosphere the user is safe from falling. With the optional hydrotherapy air-spa system included, the user has an in-house, true hydrotherapy spa system to alleviate pains from arthritic and similiar conditions. This system purges itself between uses to minimise the chance of cross or reinfection. The doors do not leak as during closing the door mechanism pushes up against the door seal. The seals do not perish as they are made of medical grade silicon "rubber". There is an overflow outlet near the top of the bath to prevent accidental over-filling and to allow topping up the hot water without over-filling.