Why choose an Australian Medical Couch?

Supplier: Forme Medical
20 June, 2014

There are many things to consider when buying an examination table or treatment table, so here we let you know the key benefits of buying an Australian Medical Couch.

  1. Australian made and designed

Our medical couches are designed in Australia based on feedback we hear from our customers and the industry. This means that our products have been created with you and your profession in mind.

We have a factory in Carrum Downs, Victoria where we manufacture our  specialist range of treatment tables and examination couches. We also work closely in partnership with an international manufacturer to produce our Economy Range of medical couches. All of our products are tested individually by hand so that we ensure the highest quality and longevity of our products.

We use only the best parts on our medical couches, including lockable castors, so it's quick and easy for you to move the device, and also Linak or Dewert actuators to give the treatment table or examination couch the quiet power it needs to easily position patients.

Because we're Australian, we evolve and develop our products to suit the Australian medical industry. If you have any particular requirements for your medical couch, we would be happy to see if we can work with you to develop what you need

  1. Electrically powered to help minimise patient handling

Our treatment tables and examination couches have been designed to help reduce the amount of patient handling needed during procedures.

Our examination couches and treatment tables all have electrically powered adjustments of height, backrests and footrests. This means you can easily adjust your patient with out any extra effort than the press of a button. We use Linak and Dewert actuators to power these movements to make sure they are gentle, quiet and made as fast as possible.

The low minimum height of our medical couches allows patients to easily get on and off the treatment table or examination couch with minimal assistance, including during wheelchair transfer.

  1. Designed for specialist procedures

Comfort and easy access to patients is a key design consideration in our medical couches, especially during specialist medical procedures.

For example:

Our ultrasound tables, the Malachite and Quartz, are designed with cut out sections so the transducer can be placed more easily for cardiac views.

Our Sapphire gynaecology couch has various options for end sections to help you position your patient, and our Amethyst examination couch has a drop down end section to make it easier for transvaginal scanning and IVF procedures.

The Tanzanite tilt table is a unique product in the market, because the table can be lifted and lowered when in the tilt position, allowing more comfortable access to the legs and feet of your patient.

All our couches are designed with uncluttered sides so you can get close to your patient.

As the medical field evolves, we adapt our products so you always have the functionality you need.

  1. Customise your medical couch to suit you

We know that every individual and medical practice has different preferences when it comes to a medical couch. For example, rural practices often need a very versatile device that can be used across a wide range of procedures, while specialist medical practices might need a treatment couch with the functionality for one specific procedure.

This is why all of our examination couches and treatment tables come with a variety of additional extras that can be added to customise them to your needs. If you need a standard medical couch, that is all you will pay for, but if you need extra functionality, you can add the options that suit you.

We love to get feedback on our products and we're open to discussions with you if you have an individual customisation you would like made to a medical couch. If we're able to develop the change, we will be happy to work with you to do so.

  1. Servicing and maintenance

Because we're an Australian manufacturer you can rest easy knowing that if you need any maintenance, we are here to help. Our medical couches do not require regular servicing or maintenance, other than some lubrication on occasion. They are easy to clean, with medical grade vinyl that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

If for any reason you do need a repair, we have parts available on all our medical couches and will do our best to help you no matter how old your couch is. We're here to help you and ensure you have a treatment table or examination couch that works the best for you.