Why use a lightweight lifter?

Lightweight lifters are personal lifting tools that are designed to be used in applications that require repetitive lifting of light loads.

Using lightweight lifters can make tasks more efficient and they help prevent accidents and incidents which also helps with worker satisfaction.  Lightweight lifters can also help improve operator effectiveness and in most cases lifting operations can be reduced to one staff member instead of two.

Lightweight lifting devices are designed to be easily manoeuvred, operated in confined spaces and incorporate ergonomics into the design.  Ergonomic features include lightweight mast construction, ergonomic handle and wide grip, controls and convenient working heights.  Most are battery powered with easy to use push button controls allowing automatic lifting instead of manual pumping or winding.

The flexibility of the range of lightweight lifters available from Warequip gives a variety of capacities, lifting heights and finishes to suit many lifting requirements.  Having an in house fabrication shop allows Warequip to custom make attachments, accessories and options to allow all possible reel handling, box lifting, die handling and container pouring applications to be explored

All lightweight lifting devices available from Warequip conform to both the European and Australian standards relating to lifting devices.  Safety features on Warequip’s units include squeeze protection and overload protection, total or individual wheels brakes.

If you think a lightweight lifter is required in your work place, contact Warequip to discuss your application and arrange a site visit. We have dealers located Australia wide.

To view our range of lightweight lifters visit www.powered2go.com.au.

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