Why we love TV lifts (and you should, too!)

Supplier: Ergomotion
27 June, 2014

TV lifts are devices that can securely and discreetly lift and lower your television screen out of a wall unit or cabinet.

They're ideal to create extra space and the ease in which they can adapt to diverse environments makes them a popular choice for homes and workplaces.

Here are our top seven reasons why we love TV lifts!

1. TV lifts prioritise safety

First and foremost. You might be taken aback to learn the number of injuries and deaths involved in furniture tipping over. Heavy televisions are the main culprit, and the main target is young children, scrambling to change channels, reach a remote or climb on top of furniture.

Freestanding televisions pose an easy danger to youngsters. Various takeaways from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, an American study, show:

  • About every 30 minutes a child is injured by a television falling on them
  • Between 1990 and 2011, almost 381,000 children were injured by a TV (that's an average of about 18,100 injuries every year)
  • Most of these children were under the age of 5
  • This 21-year span covers the introduction and growth of flat screen TVs which replaced those bulky TVs.

Meanwhile, in Australia, between 2006 and 2010, there were 389 emergency department visits due to an injury from a television tip over. The Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit found the following:

  • 76 per cent were children aged 14 and under
  • 58 per cent were children aged between 0 and 4
  • Two-year-olds were most commonly injured (21 per cent)
  • The most commonly injured body parts were the head (19 per cent), feet (16 per cent) and face (12 per cent)

TV lift mechanisms contain your flat screen and make your living room safer!

2. Transform your living room

We're in the midst of the World Cup, and what better way to cheer your team on then with a spectacular area right in your own home. Enjoy your favourite sporting events (think Melbourne Cup and NRL or AFL Grand Finals) with a pop up TV cabinet that focuses on the plasma screen and provides you with the best seat in the house!

3. Your pop up TV cabinet is custom-made

Here at Ergomotion, we manufacture the TV lift mechanism, not the cabinet. We do, though, have a brilliant range of customer furniture maker contacts that use our lifts within their manufacturing process. (You can check out the extensive list here!)

4. Improve the aesthetics of your home

Cable TV boxes, DVD players, numerous cords and power boards can be unsightly components of your living room. A TV lift allows you to conceal it all – simple! The quick and quiet operation adds to the simplistic yet efficient mechanism.

5. They're built tough!

High build quality further enhances safety. Our TV lifts can hold any flat screen in today's market! That means a huge range of weights, spanning from small, 45kg TVs, all the way up to 100kg large TVs.

Single and double post lift options means they're equipped to hold any size TV and provide stability.

6. It adds the "cool factor"

It's a little vain, but we love showcasing our TV lift when friends and family visit! A TV lift, like the one we installed at the Barossa Valley "Glass House" (image above) adds that modern, slick and sophisticated element to a living room (or anywhere else you choose to showcase it – how about the bedroom, or even the kitchen – get your Jamie Oliver on!), all while concealing the TV out of sight when it's not needed. Upgrade your home with a touch of luxury with a motorised TV lift.

7. We're Australian-made

We're proud to manufacture our TV lifts right here in Australia, using high-tech European motors.

Think you'd like a pop up TV cabinet?

Protect your television from scratches, minimise injuries caused by curious little ones, and conserve space in confined areas (they're awesome for caravans) with a pop up TV cabinet from Ergomotion.