World's smallest wall mounted OPG just released

INLINE Medical & Dental is excited to announce that the MYRAY HYPERION X5 Panoramic X-Ray has recently joined our range of award winning imaging products.

The MyRay Hyperion X5, which was released at the IDS 2015 Cologne Dental Show has just been granted the 2015 Red Dot Design Award for Product Design.  The Hyperion X5 was selected among nearly 5,000 products entering the competition by virtue of the many benefits it ensures to dental professionals in the field of radiology and diagnostics and was based upon the judges evaluation on a selection of criteria ranging from ergonomics to functionality, durability and the degree of innovation that the Hyperion X5 offered. 

According to Mike Harman of INLINE "Having access to the Hyperion X5 is very exciting as it overcomes the concern that many dentists have cited  in the past regarding a lack of suitable installation areas within their practice, and concerns on initial capital costs, as main reasons for not having an OPG in their practice. Being the world’s smallest wall mounted panoramic imager the MyRay Hyperion X5 can be installed in most surgery environments as all you require is a wall, as there is no footprint. The innovative design of this unit means that it can be quickly and easily installed and will not clutter your work space, whilst technological advancements mean that such a sophisticated piece of equipment is now available at a fraction of the cost they were 5-10 years ago." 

The Hyperion X5 is a sophisticated 2D only imager utilising state of the art technology and intuitive software with 15 available programs from adults to children, including dentition with improved bitewing orthogonality, temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. The Hyperion X5 provides a facilitated visual control, and intuitive interface meaning a real time diagnosis is available in one touch. Thanks to the automatic focusing, MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) with parameters automatically set for the patients the Hyperion X5 does not expose patients to any unnecessary radiation and avoids the production of underexposed or overexposed images. Additional features include a QuickPan program which allows for a reduction in exposure times and radiation dose, whilst the MultiPan function offers clinicians the possibility of choosing the panoramic imaging best suited to highlight the clinical detail of relevance from a range of different views obtained through a single examination. The Hyperion X5 achieves up to 15 2D projections in just a few, simple steps.

The Hyperion X5 shares its own images via remote connection to all the PC’s in the practice, it is also possible to send images via a TWAIN interface to compatible practice management software. The Hyperion X5 is an open system with a virtual console available for WINDOWS systems and as an iPad APP, enabling a remote control feature and visualisation of acquired images on a tablet. Managing and archiving of images is practical and quick as a result of MyRay’s powerful platform capable of interfacing with third party systems. Hyperion X5 images are also DICOM compatible. 

Referring patients out for OPG’s is no longer the preferred option for many practices as the MyRay Hyperion X5 allows you to improve the quality of your clinical service and allows for a better workflow. Contact us to discuss in further detail the extensive range of benefits that in-house imaging can offer your practice.