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Amalgam Bond | Alloy-bond

Supplier: SDI Limited

Alloybond is a high strength, fluoride releasing, amalgam bond.

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  • Alloybond’s unique dimethacrylate resin groups provide twice the cross linking and superior strength.
  • Alloybond does not contain BisGMA nor Bis-Phenol A.
  • Alloybond resin matrix
  • 4-meta resin matrix

Twice the cross linking

SDI’s unique dimethacrylate resin, with carboxylic groups, provide twice the cross linking compared to the 4-meta system. The SDI resin system contains two cross links per chain when polymerized, whilst the 4-meta monomethacrylate system cross links only once. Additional cross links create a stronger resin matrix, superior chemical bonding and higher cohesive strength.

Denser resin matrix

The Alloybond monomers are more closely arranged for a stronger resin matrix.

Stronger resin matrix

SDI’s Alloybond offers stronger dentin bond strength, without the complication of adding filler required by other amalgam bonds.

  • The Alloybond acetone based primer penetrates deeply into the dentin tubules and surrounding hybrid zone forming a retentive Hybrid-Lock.
  • Complete sealing eliminates microleakage and postoperative sensitivity.
  • Alloybond provides effective pulpal protection.

The Alloybond resin tags form at the peripheral of the amalgam restoration; without interfering with the amalgam setting reaction. (Permite amalgam used)

Alloybond’s adhesive component forms resin tags that mechanically lock into the amalgam restoration.

Alloybond creates a complete merge between the amalgam and resin.


  • amalgam bonding
  • composite bonding
  • bonding to sand blasted,  etched, silane treated porcelain
  • bonding to sand blasted, silane treated gold
  • cementing crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays