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<p>Find and buy hospital gowns from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. A hospital gown is a type of clothing worn by patients during medical examinations or those that are bedridden.</p><p>Things to consider when buying a hospital gown:</p><ul><li><strong>Quality of fabric</strong> - The main factors that determine the quality of a hospital gown is the durability and smoothness. You can choose between thick and light fabrics. Thicker fabrics are tougher and can withstand more washes than lighter fabrics. Lighter fabrics are smoother and more comfortable.</li><li><strong>Size</strong> - Before you choose a hospital gown, you should consider the size since there is no one-size-fits-all gown. The size of a gown can be measured in length, sleeve, or sweep. The length is the distance from the top neck area to the bottom of the gown. You can measure the sleeve from the armpit to the end of the sleeve. The sweep is the measurement around the bottom area of the gown.</li><li><strong>Type of closure</strong> - Choose a hospital gown based on the type of treatment that you specialize in to help you choose the right closure. The different types of closures include front closure, back closure, straight back, angle back overlap, and back tie closure among others.</li><li><strong>Colour and fabric patterns</strong> - Colour is another essential element in the health sector. Mostly, colours and patterns offer a visually calming and soothing effect on patients.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on hospital gowns. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>