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DB Health

DB Health | Wholesaler of Medical Devices & Supplies

DB Health

DB Health is a dedicated medical wholesaler providing service & supply solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

Australian family owned & operating for over 125 years, our vast industry experience offers traditional customer services to all customers, combined with a range of quality branded products for your supply needs.

Today, DB Health remains a pivotal member in the health care community, with its experience and supply solutions strongly focused around patient safety.

With our extensive range of high quality products for Aged Care and Hospital Providers covering: Rehabilitation Equipment, Electric Beds, Silent Knight Pill Crushers, Patient Identification Printer, Solutions & Wristbands, Skin & laboratory Markers, Central Sterilisation Services Products including Hollowware, Shelving and Custom Sterile Labels reflect the diverse range and product variety available.

DB Health remains proud of its long experience and will continue to strive to deliver excellent products and services for your ongoing healthcare needs in this rapidly changing market.

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DB Health has a long history of providing quality brand products and services throughout Australia.

The "DB" in DB Health derives from Denyer Brothers. The Denyer Brothers Company was originally founded in 1889 by two brothers manufacturing surgical equipment based in Melbourne. The business expanded from its original base in Melbourne to Sydney, with the Melbourne operation becoming independently owned.

The Sydney operation, a shop front, in George St in the CBD, became a familiar name to customers in the supply of a diverse range of medical goods throughout Sydney and remote areas at that time.
By 1988 the business had relocated out of Sydney's CBD to new expanded premises in Western Sydney. This move allowed for capacity to better service the ongoing growth of our customer base as the population geographically continued to spread.

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