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Urinary Incontinence is not a disease – it is usually a symptom of another medical condition. Incontinence can often be treated and can always be managed but first it is helpful to identify which type of incontinence you have and to understand more about it.

Depend® offers a wide range of incontinence products and aids designed to fit in with your lifestyle and preferences. The products have been designed to help you manage a variety of bladder issues. Depend® products ensure that you will have the best discreet protection and a better quality of life.

Depend® has developed a wide range of incontinence products and aids that can help the many Australians who suffer from the condition and assist them in managing their problem more effectively.

Depend® has gender specific products designed for either male or female incontinence sufferers, with superior protection, discreet appearance and extra comfort. Remember your problem may be treatable so always consult your doctor for professional advice.

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