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ENLAKE is an Australian owned business that specialises in medical and laboratory refrigeration. ENLAKE's philosophy is to offer comprehensive product coverage and detailed product knowledge. We sell a comprehensive range of premium refrigeration equipment and accessories for use in:

Medical surgeries
Pharmaceutical manufacturers
Nursing homes
ENLAKE aims to serve its customers' needs by providing them with relevant product information and advice. We can help you choose the most suitable off-the-shelf fridges for your needs and if we don't have one suitable we can even custom build a fridge or freezer to meet your specific requirements. So please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need some advice.

Another area that ENLAKE specialises in is the fit out of medical refrigeration equipment in new facilities such as hospitals and universities. ENLAKE can supply, install and commission all refrigeration equipment ranging from standard pharmacy fridges through to mortuary cabinets and bone freezers
ENLAKE has been selling their range of products Australia wide since 2009 and backs it products up with a nationwide service network.

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ENLAKE has a comprehensive product coverage and detailed product knowledge. ENLAKE aims to serve customers' needs by providing relevant information and advice when necessary.

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