Fallshaw Group, awarded supplier of bed movers in NSW institutions

Supplier: Fallshaw Group
30 April, 2019

Thirty years of experience manufacturing powered bed movers in Australia makes Electrodrive's Gzunda bed movers the number one choice.

In December 2018, NSW HealthShare completed an evaluation process of various bed movers, as part of the Beds, Mattresses & Cots tender.

  • Electrodrive’s Gzunda bed movers (models GZ10SL and GZS) were evaluated on the basis of fitness for purpose (including: standards compliance; technical and electromedical specifications; design and safety features; ergonomics; ease of use; compatibility with hospital beds of various makes and models; battery charger life; warranty, and price).

  • Fallshaw Group (manufacturers of the Electrodrive range) were evaluated for quality assurance as well as service capability and capacity. 

As a result, Fallshaw Group has been appointed the awarded supplier for the Electrodrive range of bed movers.

The Beds, Mattresses and Cots tender (Ref: HSBP_HC18_BM&C819, awarded 18th of December 2018) ensures that all NSW state hospitals receive the best pricing; and that the bed mover will be compatible with all of the awarded beds, stretchers and trolleys in the tender; while also passing the highest design and quality standards.

Bed mover demonstrations, trials and training sessions are available for staff in your workplace.