When It Comes To Bed Falls, Prevention Is Better Than Cure...

Why do bed falls happen in the first place? Read on to find out, and discover some products that Pelican Manufacturing offers to help prevent falls.

One reason people can fall down beside their bed is because they have stood up too fast. Age is also a risk factor in these types of falls, with people over 80 being at the highest risk.

Pelican Manufacturing produces a range of Bed Fall Solutions, including Stand-Up Alarms to alert carers when a patient has stood up and needs assistance. Floor Alarms are available with waterproof covers, or a very thin Lino top to minimise tripping hazard. The Alarm will activate as soon as there is weight on the alarm pad. Out of bed alarms are also available, which activate after a patient leaves their bed. These alarms can be used with most Nurse Paging Systems, or have a sounding alarm box attached.

A variety of padded Bed Fall Mats are available, so that if a patient does fall, they have some impact protection and will hopefully not be injured. The padded Bed Fall Mat Alarm offers the same impact protection, plus carers will be notified in the event that a patient has stood up and may have fallen.

Bed Side Wedges can be attached to a bed to help prevent a patient rolling off the side, without being a restraint. These Wedges can also have alarm pads fitted to alert carers when a patient is next to the Wedge and needs assistance.

While bed rails may stop people falling out of a bed, they can also pose the danger of entrapment, as a patient can get their arms, or even their head trapped in the side rails. Some patients will even try to climb over a bed rail, then fall from a greater height than that of the mattress.

If using bed rails is a necessity, Pelican supplies a variety of different Bed Rail Protectors that cover existing bed rails to prevent entrapment and have foam padding for impact protection. The wipeable Heat Sealed version is commonly used in hospital recovery rooms, while the Clear version lets patients have a view of their room, while still providing protection from entrapment.

All of the Bed Rail Protectors have foam at the top, offering some padding for a patient should they put their arms or legs over the rail. All of these features combined make using bed rails safer.

The Bed Side Helper™ is an alternative to bed rails which should not entrap patients. The flat, padded surface helps stop a patient rolling out of bed, and also gives them something to hold on to when getting in or out of bed. The Helper is easy to remove during the day when it is not needed, making a home bedroom look more dignified. It can be used with adjustable hospital beds, as well as domestic Single, Double and Queen size beds.

The Bed Side Helper comes with a soft, velour lined foam cover which has a hand slot at the top and a storage pocket on the outside. There is also the option of a much thicker cover that offers a higher level of impact protection and conceals the hand slot. This may be beneficial for people who move their arms or legs involuntarily.

Patients can hold on to the Bed Side Helper while sitting up in bed and, more importantly, after they stand up. Holding on to the Helper for a moment after standing allows time for the person’s blood to circulate. By waiting before starting to walk, the potential for a bed fall can be greatly reduced. More than one Bed Side Helper can be used on a bed, as two can be placed either side near the chest. Another two can be placed on either side of the legs.

A Bed Side Helper Alarm Pad can be placed inside the cover to notify carers if the patient has rolled next to the Helper and needs urgent assistance. Additionally, if a patient is not able to operate a Nurse Call Button they can press on the Bed Side Helper, using it to call a carer.

With falls contributing significantly to fracture rates, increased functional decline, and even disability and death, Bed Falls Prevention is an area we are passionate about. If you need access to specialist advice or design for Falls Prevention & Protection Equipment, Pelican is happy to help. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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